Fertility Assesment Program

Considering the modern trend of late marriages we have come out with fertility assessment programs for ladies to help them out in planning the families.

Why is it important:

Women are born with fixed number of eggs(5-7 million). However, number of eggs decreased from birth(1-2 million) to puberty (5lakhs) and then menopause 1000. The eggs age at different rates among women regardless of a health condition. The quality of womens egg decreases progressively with age especially after age of 35. Fertility assessment program aims to assess the ovarian reserve of that particular women so that they can be guided to time and plan their family.

Tests performed during program:

1. Physicians consultations
2. 3D baseline ultrasound for uterine evaluation and AFC- to check the status of potential eggs in ovary.
3. Day3 Harmone test- FSH,LH,TSH.
4. AMH
5. Final consultation with infertility specialists.
6. For this women needs to come on Day2, Day3 of periods with prior appointment.