Yoga For Infertility Treatment In Women

The word yoga means union. The system of yoga is part of Indian spirituality and it means union between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga involves practice of physical postures and breathing exercises. Today the Yoga has been practicing all over the world for health and relaxation.

Almost everyone knows that practicing yoga helps in improving balance, flexibility and strength.

3 ways yoga enhances fertility in women

1. Yoga therapy focuses on the energy system present in the body with numerous different chakras and areas. The yoga position increases the second chakra’s energy flow which is called as the seat of creation, where the reproductive organs are present. Theyoga therapy also helps in softening the abdominal region and removes any kind of tension around the area of uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It bstretches the abdominal region which increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs.
2. You know stress is a major cause of infertility and it interferes with the woman's menstrual cycle thereby delaying the ovulation. The stress can also cause reduction in sperm production in men. This stress can also cause reduction in sperm production in men.
3. This stress can be released with the regular practice of yoga.

Yoga therapy is inexpensive, natural, and also safe. Yoga for infertility treatment involves certain specific poses that increases the fertility naturally.