Why do we differ

We do initial fertility evaluation for infertile couples and help them to achieve natural conception by minimal treatment.We offer IVF/ ICSI treatment as a last option for infertile couples. This extraordinarily high success rate for IVF/ICSI treatment is achieved in our centre by strictly following

1. Optimal stimulation for IVF:

Our well planned and well studied stimulation protocols ensures we get optimal number of eggs for each patients(Not too less or too many), according to each patient's ovarian reserve so that the egg quality and endometrial receptivity are not compromised in any way.

2. Safe hands and low risk of OHSS(Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome):

Our tailor made stimulation practices and embryo transfer policies ensures the incidence of moderate/severe OHSS is negligible at our centre.

3.Embryo friendly IVF lab:

Our IVF lab conditions ensures that the gametes and the embryos are cultured and kept in their best invitro environment so that the resulting high grade embryo quality leads to high-implantation rates.

4. Minimal stimulation IVF- 'IVF made accessible to all':

Reasonably good success rates are achieved even with minimal stimulation IVF protocols in jeevan mithra.By this low-cost IVF, IVF is made accessible to all.

5. Strict Quality Control System:

We have got strict quality control system by which we give consistent success rates of more than 70% in fresh and frozen IVF cycles.

6. Our ultimate goal:

We carefully decide the number of embryos to be transfered to each patients depending on the patients age, previous IVF attempts, embryo quality, endometrial thickness and pattern. Our strict Embryo Transfer policy ensures that the risk of multiple pregnancy is very less and hence the risk of pre-term labour, IUD, Abortions are negligible. We truly aim for live birth success rates and take home baby rates.

Comprehensive gynaec health care facilities offered under one roof ranging from puberty to menopausal problems.

We do give expert care in uro-gynaecological problems also.

7.Highest success rates with own eggs and own sperms

is achieved by using individualised treatment protocols and an excellent embryology laboratory

8 .Comprehensive Gynec health care

We offer solutions for all gynaec related issues under one roof,,,,,,