Recurrent Miscarriages

They constitute a very special group in which couples face recurrent abortions,in first and second trimester. A small percentage 1-2% of patients have three or more consecutive abortions.

The cause of recurrent miscarriage can be either chromosomal,autoimmune and uterine abnormalities.

We at Jeevan Mithra completely evaluate the couple for all the known causes of recurrent miscarriage and then formulate the protocols.

IMSI stands for intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection.

The IMSI method is based on sperm morphology examination at 6000x higher magnification microscope to select sperms with morphologically normal nuclei.Use of this method for ICSI gives higher pregnancy rate and lower abortion rate.Patient with recurrent miscarriages and recuurent ICSI failures benefit with IMSI.

We do PGS to rule out chromosomal problems for recurrent pregnancy loss patients. Antibodies testings to rule out autoimmune disorder is done at our centre.We do 3D scan of the Uterus to rule our all the anatomical problems concerned with infertility.