Previous IVF Failure Patients- A New Hope:

These patients constitute a special group. Considering the Increase in the number of IVF centres and number of couples undergoing IVF treatment, even with the average success rates of 50-60%, around 40-50% of couples face IVF failures. These couple who face IVF, (which is intended to be the best possible treatment with high success rates) are very much distressed both financially and mentally.

We pay special attention to the previous IVF failure patients. We thouroghly and carefully evaluate the outside previous IVF patients and try to find out the ways to improve subsequent IVF success rates.

Even in patients who have faced repeated IVF failures, the team undertakes an in-depth analysis of the history of the couples and studies various parameters, in order to trouble shoot and find the root cause of the problem. Depending on the analysis, the highly experienced doctors change protocols, injections and adopt customised IVF treatments to maximise chances of successful conception.

Jeevan Mithra Fertility Centre offers advanced treatment options like Endometrial Receptivity Assay (ERA), Pre Implantation Genetic screening (PGS), Embryo Glue and Laser Hatching. They also offer Advanced Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy procedures to correct problems in the uterus. The clinic is known for its excellent results with IVF