Male Infertiltiy

Male infertility constitutes nearly 35-40% of all infertility cases.The male factor evaluation includes semen analysis,panel of hormone blood test,physical and urogenital examination and genetic testing.


Semen analysis- Normal parameters as per WHO criteria are as follows

1.count-more than 15 million/ml

2.motility-40% motility-32%

4.morphology more than 4%

Sperm morphology is very important for natural conception in addition to count and motility.

In patients with severe sperm problem we do IVF/ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) treatement,where good sperm is selected under high magnification microscope,which is directly injected into the egg so that fertilisation occurs and embryo growth occurs.

Some patients fail in IVF treatement because of poor sperm quality and hence poor embryo formation.For those patients we do special ICSI like micro fluid ICSI,p-ICSI, IMSI,TESA-ICSI, for getting good sperms and hence good embryos.

In patients with nil sperm count or zero sperm count we find out the reason for azoospermia and treat accordingly.

We have TESA / PESA / MICRO TESA and Testicular biopsy to get sperms from testis in patients with zero sperm count in semen analysis and make possible for the couple to become biological father.

For mild sperm problems.we advice appropriate lifestyle changes, weight reduction ,change in food habits,stopping of smoking and drinking,sugar control and others.

Antioxidants and hormone therapy is indicated in some patients.

In mild to moderate sperm problem, IUI treatement is opted.In severe sperm problem, ICSI offers best chance of conceiving with own sperm.